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Fri Sep 25 09:49:30 IST
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News Posts by Jayashree ❖ Amita

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Yesterday (16:46) 'Go Back China' protests in front of Chinese Embassy in Kathmandu (

News Entry# 419441  Blog Entry# 4724194   
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Protest erupted in front of the Chinese embassy in Kathmandu over Chinese construction in northern Nepal district of Humla. Protestors carrying banners were heard chanting "Go back China" and "Back off China" slogans. The protestors were carrying pictures of the Chinese construction activity Humla as well.

According to Nepali media, China has built 11 buildings in Humla with a border pillar missing. In one of the building, Chinese security forces live, while others are empty. Chair of Namkha Rural Municipality told Kathmandu post that, "Chinese side claimed that the area where the
houses are built falls within the Chinese territory".

Nepali Home Ministry is expected to come out with a report on the developments after a visit by a team of government officials to the area.

Chinese mission in Nepal has reacted to the development. A spokesperson of the Chinese embassy in Kathmandu said, "China and Nepal are friendly neighbours. China has always respected Nepal's sovereignty and territorial integrity. The building mentioned by the media has been verified to be on the Chinese side of the China-Nepal border and Nepali side may make verifications again. China and Nepal have no territorial disputes. The two sides have always maintained close communication on border affairs".

This issue came into light when the president of the local village council, Vishnu Bahadur Lama, went on a visit to this territory. He revealed that China soldiers had completed the building construction in the Limi village of Lapcha village. He was even prevented from going to the side of the village where the construction had taken place.

Lama claims that he even tried to speak to the Chinese forces in vain and they did not respond and he was even told to go back. After denied entry into the region, he took a few pictures of the newly-constructed building by Chinese PLA in the territory on his mobile phone — which show the buildings were erected nearly 2 kilometres into Nepali territory.
Yesterday (15:06) A mother puts her organs ‘on sale’ in Kochi to aid her children’s medical care and pay off debts (

News Entry# 419430  Blog Entry# 4724118   
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KOCHI: “Mother’s organs (including the heart) for sale to aid her children’s medical care and pay off debts”. The plight of a sixmember family came to light on Monday morning when they erected a board stating the above message in front of a makeshift
tent along the Container Road in Ernakulam. Shanti S and her five children, three of whom are facing severe health
complications, were seen lying in the small tent in the morning even as rain had partially flooded it.

The family, which used to stay at a rented house in Varapuzha chose to move to the tent made of a plastic sheet after it
became impossible for the family to pay their rent.

“My eldest son, Rajesh Kumar, 25, met with an accident a year ago and underwent a brain surgery. He is still recovering.
Around six years ago, me and my 11-year-old daughter crashed into an electric post and sustained serious injuries. My daughter
is yet to recover from it. Ranjith Kumar, 23, my second son, had a growth in his abdomen which was removed. He can’t stand or
sit in a position for long due to the surgery. Two of my children are still in school and I’ve a lot of debt,” Shanti told TOI from
Mulavukadu police station after police moved them to the station upon finding them on the road.

Shanti’s husband had abandoned the family years ago. Rajesh was a disco-jockey and used to be the breadwinner of the family
till he met with the accident, the mother said. Ranjith can’t work due to his condition. My third son Sajith, 21, used to work at a
movie theatre but after the lockdown, his earning have stopped. The youngest two, a boy and a girl are minors.

Pauly T P, development standing committee chairman at Varapuzha panchayat said he met the woman over a year ago. “I
acquainted them during the surgery of their eldest son about a year ago. Back then, MLA V D Satheeshan had intervened and
helped them with an assistance of around Rs 2 lakh for the surgery. He was also looking at rehabilitating them under the
‘punergeni scheme’.

However, the sudden financial crisis seems to have made them leave the rented house,” said Pauly.

The family was moved to the visitor’s room at Mulavukaadu police station where the health minister K K Shailaja talked to her
over phone and assured assistance. Kanayannoor tahsildar reached the police station and held discussions with them.

“Shanti went back to the rented house at Varapuzha after authorities arranged a donation from Lions Club to pay for their stay at the house for the next six months. Medical assistance would be provided with the help of a private hospital. Authorities have also promised to check the family’s eligibility for the housing scheme under the government’s Life Mission,” said Pauly
Yesterday (14:23) How will China’s offensive play out in Ladakh? IAF war games has a answer (

News Entry# 419426  Blog Entry# 4724081   
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Sep 24, 2020-Thursday

In tensions that began in early May, Indian and Chinese troops have come face-to-face at multiple points along the LAC.

The deployment of at least 50,000 People’s
Liberation Army (PLA) troops along the Line of Actual Control (LAC) in eastern Ladakh and in the occupied Aksai Chin region, apart from heavy weaponry and missiles, is indicative of the Russian influence not only on Chinese military equipment, but also in war planning and execution, according to a top Indian Air Force (IAF) officer.

The officer, who dissected the Chinese positioning and war plan in a worst-case scenario for HT on condition of anonymity, said that a Chinese offensive, if and when it comes, is likely to involve troops moving forward under a barrage of artillery and rocket fire, with surface-to-air missile batteries giving protection to their weapon systems from IAF attacks. “This is the old Soviet way of fighting a war, with troops based in depth areas (in this case, Hotan airbase 320km from the Line of Actual Control) providing the air-defence cover,” the officer added.

While several strategic experts believe that any future war will be fought with stand-off weapons used to force Indian fighters to remain on ground, the IAF’s “disperse, absorb, recoup and retaliate” strategy has been war-gamed enough times (including in the Gagan Shakti 2018 exercise) to repel China’s plans, the officer said. He explained that the reaction of the IAF to any offensive is faster than that of the PLA Air Force due to the distance of the LAC from air bases such as Hotan, Lhasa or Kashgar, and that PLA’s surface-to-air missile sites become vulnerable to the stand-off air-to-ground missiles of Indian fighters. “Once air-defence missile systems are knocked out, the amassed artillery, rockets and troop concentrations become exposed on the Tibetan desert, where there is no natural camouflage cover for these systems,” the officer said.

The officer cited above further said that while the PLA has packed depth areas with troops, any aggression on mountainous terrain will not be easy against a dug-in adversary like the Indian Army in Ladakh. The 1999 Kargil war taught the Indian army that when the aggressor is concentrated and exposed, it becomes vulnerable to air interdiction. This makes the effort to hit Indian troops, who are dominating strategic heights both in the north and south of Pangong Tso, harder in the winter months. Even a Chinese stand-off weapon, given its circular error of probability (a measure of precision) may find it hard to target dug-in troops sitting on mountaintops in sub-polar temperatures, and in the absence of cover from attacking forces in the cold Ladakh desert and the Soda Plains, he added.

The officer was confident that Indian forces could sustain a Chinese strike in a worst-case scenario.The military is prepared for a 10-day intensive war, with the Narendra Modi government allowing emergency purchases of critical ammunition and missiles after the 2016 Uri surgical strikes and 2019 Balakot strikes against Pakistan. “Any India-China hostility is unlikely to continue at an intense level without global intervention beyond 10 days,” the officer explained, adding that the indigenous ammunition is available for 40 days and conventional bombs for 60 days.

With four or five additional Rafale fighters, on which IAF pilots are training in France, ready to join the Ambala squadron next month, and a new Ladakh Corps Commander, Lt Gen PGK Menon, taking over, both the armies appear quite evenly matched, he said.

In tensions that began in early May, Indian and Chinese troops have come face-to-face at multiple points along the LAC. In some of these areas, particularly the Finger Area and Depsang, Indian forces have been cut off from points they could previously patrol. But the Indian Army now controls ridgeline positions on the lake’s southern bank that allow it to completely dominate the sector and keep an eye on Chinese military activity, with the positions scattered across Rezang La, Reqin pass, Gurung Hill and Magar heights.

The Indian Army has also taken control of key heights overlooking the PLA’s deployments on the Finger 4 ridgeline on the northern bank of Pangong Tso where rival soldiers are deployed barely a few hundred metres from each other.

Last week, defence minister Rajnath Singh told lawmakers in Parliament that no force in the world can stop the Indian Army from patrolling the country’s borders in the Ladakh sector, signalling a strong resolve to regain access to several areas that are now difficult to reach due to actions by the Chinese army along the LAC, even as the focus of multiple diplomatic and military talks between the two sides has been to “disengage and de-escalate”.

Lieutenant General AS Lamba (retd), former Vice Chief of Army Staff, said: “The situation on the LAC is escalating despite intense diplomatic efforts by India and talks between military commanders (of both the nations). It requires full operational readiness all along the LAC to pre-empt any reckless action by China.”
Yesterday (14:21) Delhi doc warns of damage to heart from corona infection (

News Entry# 419425  Blog Entry# 4724077   
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Even as preliminary studies indicate that COVID-19 may increase the chances of cardiac arrest in patients with underlying heart issues, a doctor at a private hospital in Delhi has cautioned that the coronavirus infection could also lead to heart injuries.

He pointed out that he had come across a coronavirus patient who suffered cardiac arrest even though neither he nor his family members had any prior history of any heart disease.

Luckily, the patient was treated successfully by the Fortis Hospital in Shalimar Bagh.

Doctors who handled the case said that neither the patient nor his family had a history of any cardiac issues. He lived a healthy life and stayed away from drugs, tobacco and alcohol.

Manish Gunjan, Additional Director, Interventional Cardiology Centre, said that the arteries of the 31-year-old patient were 100 per cent blocked when he was admitted to the hospital.

"The patient complained of extreme difficulty in breathing, and worsening pain in his chest. A rapid antigen test recorded corona negative result. An RT-PCR test followed. Meanwhile, we went ahead with his treatment since he was in critical condition. Later, the RT-PCR report came positive.

"The case presented an extensive heart attack with no history of any major cardiac risk factors. While shifting him from the Emergency to Cath Lab, the patient suffered a cardiac arrest; a CPR was done and the patient was revived. A coronary angiography was immediately done, revealing that the main artery in the heart was fully blocked. An angioplasty and stenting was performed. Meanwhile, his corona tests were done, which later confirmed his positive status," Gunjan said.

"The patient is not overweight, a teetotaler, and exercises regularly. When he was brought in, he showed symptoms of COVID-19. Since there was no prior heart problem, it indicated the virus had a detrimental effect on his heart," he added.

He said that post-surgical period was smooth and uneventful and the patient was able to walk the next day itself.

"Coronavirus infection not only could lead to lung injury and acute respiratory distress, but also heart injuries.

""COVID-19 patients have displayed increased levels of cardiac troponin, a protein released in the body by injured heart muscles; they have also shown abnormalities in electrocardiograms and heart ultrasounds. Several reports have affirmed that cardiac injury can be induced by coronavirus. The virus also poses a severe threat to patients with existing heart diseases," the medical expert cautioned.

Vikas Maurya, Director and Head of Department, Pulmonology, said: "Many cases involve heart attacks, strokes, acute kidney dysfunction in patients with chronic kidney diseases. This is because of increased inflammation, cytokine storm and thrombogenicity in COVID-19, which affects vital organs.

"COVID-19 can affect multiple organs and is different from other flu viruses that only affect the respiratory system. Therefore, utmost caution is required. Patients presenting other symptoms -- apart from respiratory ones -- should also be investigated for coronavirus infection in case of suspicion."
Yesterday (13:46) 'Rail roko' agitation starts in Punjab, train services suspended (

News Entry# 419423  Blog Entry# 4724047   
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CHANDIGARH: Farmers in Punjab on Thursday began their three-day 'rail roko' agitation to protest against the three farm bills while the Ferozepur Railway division suspended the operation of special
trains due to the stir.
Railway authorities said 14 pairs of special trains will remain suspended from September 24 till 26. The decision has been taken
keeping in mind the safety of passengers and
protection of railway property from any damage, officials said.

Among the trains which will remain suspended are Golden Temple Mail (Amritsar-Mumbai Central), Jan Shatabdi Express
(Haridwar-Amritsar), New Delhi-Jammu Tawi, Karambhoomi (Amritsar-New Jalpaiguri), Sachkhand Express (Nanded-Amritsar)
and Shaheed Express (Amritsar-Jaynagar), officials said.

At present, routine passenger train service remains suspended because of the Covid-19 pandemic.
The call for 'rail roko' agitation was given by the Kisan Mazdoor Sangharsh Committee and later, different farmers' outfits also
extended their support.

Activists of Bhartiya Kisan Union (Ekta Ugrahan) squatted on rail tracks in Barnala and Sangrur on Thursday morning.
Farmers under the banner of Kisan Mazdoor Sangharsh Committee have decided to squat on rail tracks near Devidaspur
village in Amritsar and Basti Tanka wala in Ferozepur.

The representatives of the committee said they were getting support from several sections including government employees
and labourers.

Kisan Mazdoor Sangharsh Committee president Satnam Singh Pannu said that they have appealed to representatives of
political parties, ministers, MPs and MLAs not to take part in the farmers' agitation.

They vowed to gherao BJP leaders and socially boycott those who voted in favour of the farm bills.
As many as 31 farmers' outfits have given a call for the complete shutdown of Punjab on September 25 to protest against the

As many as 31 farmers' outfits have given a call for the complete shutdown of Punjab on September 25 to protest against the

Farmers in Punjab have expressed apprehension that the bills would pave way for dismantling the
minimum support price system, leaving them at the mercy of big corporates.

22 Public Posts - Yesterday

Yesterday (16:43)
⚡22222मुंबई राजधानी22221⚡
Rohittkarwal^~   9619 blog posts
Re# 4724047-23            Tags   Past Edits
Socialst and Communist only focus for labours and freebies. They don't allow industries to settle up in the state. Untill there is no capitalist setup, no labour work can be provide that is basic economics. now communist who think they don't need capitalist are fools.
That is the reason of fall of Bengal state after introduction of left comrade, which was once a hub if manufacture. How communist crush and tear clothes of capitalist on roads on Kolkata is matter of history and record.

Yesterday (16:44)
MR_INDIANRAILIN^~   11557 blog posts
Re# 4724047-24            Tags   Past Edits
Nahi dikhega 🤓🤓🤓

Yesterday (16:57)
⚡22222मुंबई राजधानी22221⚡
Rohittkarwal^~   9619 blog posts
Re# 4724047-25            Tags   Past Edits
1 compliments
100% true
In India left just works reverse of What communist do in Russia and China. and then they call themselves as followers of Lenin and Marx.

Yesterday (19:31)
🌟Gandhidham Junction🌟
IrfSda94~   2155 blog posts
Re# 4724047-26            Tags   Past Edits
In India, people don't understand actual meaning of Left,Right Wing. They differentiate these on basis of religion

Yesterday (20:07)
⚡22222मुंबई राजधानी22221⚡
Rohittkarwal^~   9619 blog posts
Re# 4724047-27            Tags   Past Edits
because Congress and it's allies have always been in favour of appeasement of the so called minority. That will obviously lead to unsatisfaction amongst the majority.
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